Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Famous-X promo CD review

The Famous-X – promo CD

This Italian project features Highlord’s guitarist Sted and singer Andrea who wanted to try their abilities into Hard Rock / Melodic Metal fields. The project started in the summer of 2005 and recently a promo was created in order to help them search for a record contract. What I like in their style is that they are powerful and not mellow, by keeping their power and also contributing some memorable and melodic choruses along with great solos. The self-titled track and “Bullet Time” are pretty good samples of how Hard Rock / Melodic Metal should be performed and I am pretty sure that the rest of the tracks that the band have completed, will be on the same level of quality. I really need to listen to some more stuff from them and I believe that pretty soon the project will be under a proper label. Good luck to you guys, I’m sure you’ll have it! Band’s mySpace profile:
Dimitris Starakis

Faith Factor - 07/07/07 mini-CD review

Faith Factor – 07/07/07 mini-CD (Metallic Archangel Records)

From South New Jersey a new U.S. Metal sensation has risen! Faith Factor is a Christian Metal band who will take the world by storm. Their first EP titled “07/07/07” shows clearly that there’s a White Metal orientation in the band’s lyrical content. As for the music, galloping riffs and pompous rhythms combined with the wonderful and steel voice of Ski will definitely cause waves of enthusiasm in every U.S. Metal fan. For those who forgot or don’t know, Ski is the singer of another sensational U.S. band named Deadly Blessing in their first effort titled “Ascend From The Cauldron” and also on their comeback CD, entitled “An Eye To the Past”! He was also a member of the band Altered State. For those who are familiar with Ski’s voice will definitely go and buy his new effort without even reading the rest of this review! As for the Faith Factor EP, “Prayer Warriors” opens the CD and it’s a storming track with a galloping riff which leads you into pure metallic satisfaction! “The Angel And The Butterfly” is a brilliant Metal opus, which starts like a ballad and ends as a wonderful Power Metal Hymn! It’s needless to mention Ski’s monumental performance here! “Deceiver” reminded me at times the great legends of U.S. Metal Mystic Force and it is once again a furious U.S. Power Metal song which will delight each and everyone who digs this particular style! The band is really focusing in promoting their new CD and also plans to play some show in Europe next year, so prepare yourselves for some thundering live attack from Ski and his bandmates! Buy Or Die! Band’s mySpace profile: Band’s web-site:
Dimitris Starakis

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ofsoski – Later Than Never CD review

Ofsoski – Later Than Never CD (Independent)

When I first reviewed Ofsoski’s promo tracks, I then stated that the scene welcomed a creative multi-instrumentalist. When I listened to his debut album, I can now strongly support the opinion that Richard is indeed a gifted man! Ten tracks of Neo-classical / Symphonic Metal filled with well-crafted melodies and intense feelings rule the album which really is labeled as "high-quality". In my previous review, I expressed my admiration to the wonderful song titled “Flame”. Now, along with “Flame”, I was surprised from another hymn which will be greatly received from every Neo-classical Metal aficionado! “Quest” is definitely once again one of the greatest songs composed this year in the genre and believe me, you don’t have to be a wise man of music to compose it; what is needed is inspiration and passion for what you do. Well, Richard combines both. From the sharp and melodic riffs he composes to his harsh and melodic voice, it clear that he must form a band in order to perform his songs with an overall better sound and of course get the distribution and attention he deserves. “Later Than Never” is an album destined to establish Richard’s fame and I believe that his next step will feature full-time members in his band. Highly recommended release! Check Ofsoski's profile in order to find out how you can order the album:
Dimitris Starakis